A new way
to drive
AI assistant for drivers
Save up to €200 by comparing fuel prices with our free mobile app
AnyWire is a service that improves driving experience with our AI-based assistant.

With our app drivers can not only get the answers to their daily questions but also find the best fuel price, build a route to the filling station you need, find the best place to park your vehicle or get roadside assistance.
With AnyWire app, you can save up to €200 on fuel by comparing prices and choosing the cheapest fuel.*

*Savings are based on a consumer buying 1 000 litres a year.
Everything you need to find a services and stations, get directions and pay in one app.

Forget about plastic cards.

Add loyalty cards to the app and get bonuses.
No hidden fees or overpayments.

Control your spending in one app, anytime, anywhere.
Our assistant is ready to give you answers 24/7.

Get advice on first aid, car breakdown, emergencies, traffic rules in different countries, etc.

Reduce the driving anxiety.
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